Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Makin' a book...

So when I got my beautiful new Canon 60D, I got an extra treat: an offer to create a book on Shutterfly. Of course, I promptly forgot about it. Thankfully, Shutterfly was on the ball and sent a reminder that my time was running out. Thank you, Shutterfly. Thank you for poking me into action.

I made a 20-page book -- food photography -- including images taken on both Canons and from Instagram (there's a handy-dandy link right on the Shutterfly page -- thanks again, Shutterfly!) Can't wait to have the book in my hands. Take a look at what went in...you can always come over for tea or espresso when the real thing arrives and we can peruse it together :)

Sadly, I cannot figure out the embedded thing, so here's a screen shot.
Click here to view this photo book. Visit Shutterfly.com to create your own personalized photobook.

(I've left the embedded file here -- it's a ghost!)

Visit Shutterfly.com to create your own personalized photobook.