Monday, April 7, 2008

Does not follow directions well.

I have been taking watercolor classes with noted local artist Liz Lescault. Although I have done quite a bit of painting in the past, I have never really tried watercolor (my dad is a wonderful watercolorist, so I've been a teeny bit intimidated). We were given an assignment last Tuesday, which I dutifully worked on. I even asked Liz if I could bring it home. I don't think Liz realized that I do not follow directions well and that I might go home and do something else. Well, lesson learned to you!

You know, it doesn't matter what it is -- cooking, knitting, whatever. If the directions are to go right, I go left. A positive spin would be that I march to my own drummer. Honestly, I do not follow directions well. That phrase probably appeared on many a report card over the years.

I do like my painting though.

Incidentally, here's a cool new Cheverly site.

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morgan said...

Love the painting. What were the directions that you did not follow?