Monday, June 9, 2008

Already good at the guilt. Or weekends are my undoing.

Actual conversation with la Mag yesterday after returning from my traditional Sunday morning outing sans famille:
What's the opposite of big?
(Scrunches her body into a little ball.)
What's the opposite of hot?
What's the
opposite of left?
Go with you!

And just like that, the guilt begins. She is so good at it already! The tea master just sat and laughed. Because it didn't happen to him.
Update: Apparently, la Mag was full of wisdom this weekend, as demonstrated in this verbatim conversation which took place at the Cheverly Community Market Saturday morning (helpfully reported by ace cub reporter Mr. L. aka Drummer Boy):
Is Kelly your lover?
Dunham (after giving it some consideration): Well, yes. Kelly and I are lovers.
But Mommy and Daddy aren’t lovers.
Dunham (without missing a beat): Well, that’s what happens when you are married and have kids.
Well. They're on to the whole deal now.

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