Friday, August 22, 2008

What's on your iPod, part 3

You can tell when I'm procrastinating (again) because this little bit of humiliation suddenly seems like such a great idea...

First 20 in random shuffle, no skips:

1. A Method, TV on the Radio Confession. I really liked TV on the Radio but we were listening to this album on the way to my first Wilco concert and I've been distracted ever since. Sigh. They're cool. But they're no Wilco.
2. Noise Annoys, Buzzcocks. One of my favorite bands from high school. Got to see them at 9:30 Club a few years ago, and we had to leave because it was so painfully loud. But I still like them.
3. All the Nasties, Elton John. Enough said, Tiny Dancer.
4. You Were Right, Badly Drawn Boy. I really like this guy and every time that he's come to the DC area, I've been dissuaded by some worrywart who thinks that he can't possibly be as good in person. Sometimes I think I live with an elderly woman.
5. Mr. Tambourine Man, Bob Dylan. Of all the Dylan songs, why this?
6. Higher Ground, Red Hot Chili Peppers. I hate the no-skip rule.
7. Love Reign O'er Me, The Who. Now we're getting into it. This takes me back to rainy afternoons driving around Denver wondering why it wasn't cooler. And pining away for boys who played in punk bands but where obviously all wrong for me. (See? I'm maturing -- perspective.)
8. Sheep, The Housemartins. I gotta delete some of this stuff.
9. Night Walks, Black Mountain.
10. Eddie's Ragga, Spoon. We got to see Spoon at Black Cat right before they really broke. Manomanoman, that was a good show.
11. Pale Blue Eyes, Velvet Underground. I don't know why, but I associate Velvet Underground with Sunday mornings.
12. What Goes On, The Beatles. It took all this time for the Beatles to arrive on this shuffle? New record.
13. Nowhere Man, The Beatles. Two-fer! Paul and Maggie can sing this song...almost all the way through. There's something a teeny bit disconcerting about a three-year old warbling this one.
14. The Sky Is Fallin', Queens of the Stone Age. Guilty Pleasure Band. Much like Guns n' Roses. And Van Halen. And Poison.
15. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Paul Simon. I no longer believe that the iPod knows what it's doing. My little sister used to sing this song over and over. Without understanding what it meant.
16. Coma Girl, Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros. I'm still sad that he died.
17. In Between Days, The Cure. High school. I wore black tutus, striped tights, turtlenecks and witch shoes to high school. And that was a subdued day. I'm looking forward to my own children enjoying their uniforms.
18. Glory, Television. Tom Verlaine's voice reminds me of a friend of ours. It's hard to get past that.
19. Reflection, Prince. I really liked this late-era Prince album.
20. Sky Blue Sky, Wilco. How can it take *#@!!&*^ 20 ##*(&!! songs to get to my favorite band?!
Okay, your turn. I have to get down to work now. And I have to get rid of some of the junk on my iPod. It's true. I've actually run out of room.


Jim G-M said...

I'd like to submit a list from my iPod but my delicate Little Flowers are too busy using it to jam to Led Zeppelin. Their current fave is "Immigrant Song" or as they call it, the "ahhhh, ahhhh" song. Thanks a lot Shrek 3.

pricklygirl said...

Your little flowers are way cool.