Friday, January 9, 2009

The grippe grips our house.

To celebrate Friday, I was going to upload a very sweet little video of laMag singing a favorite Halloween tune (or "Happy Happy, Joy Joy" over and over), but I seem to be a tech moron (Shhh! Our secret!) Instead, please take a gander at these beautiful images of cold and flu viruses (top and bottom, respectively)...

I'm not sure exactly which ones are having a party inside me (remember that Cosby Show episode where Dr. Huxtable explains to youngest daughter Rudy all about the germs having a party?) but something is definitely amiss. All I want to do is lay down here on the carpet under my desk and hope that some kind soul brings a blanket. And maybe some hot tea. Really just a blanket. I'm so cold.

(Personally, I'm blaming Maggie, who had croup at the start of the week. I really shouldn't have let her breathe into my mouth, but it seemed like a sort of good idea at the time. Looking back, I was an idiot. Again.)

1 comment:

Dancer in DC said...

Wow - who can forget that episode? "No more parties in there!"

Hope you feel better soon. Time for some vegetable soup with dumplings!