Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting over preconceived notions...

I have to hand it to Charles. It's taken, what, almost 20 years, but he's finally worn me down. I'll admit it: I like The Grateful Dead. I. Like. The. Grateful. Dead. Go ahead, print this out. It is -- in our circle -- a big deal.

Lately, we've been having a lot of discussions in our house about poseurdom -- in music, art, whatever, and how it really prevents you from enjoying things or makes you do stuff that really isn't you. I know that, as (ostensibly) grownups, fear of reputation shouldn't be a factor, but come on, you know it is. (Maybe even more when you're a grownup, I dunno.)

So if you see me singing along with the iPod in the car (you might hear me too...the weather's getting nicer...) you know what's happening: I'm ignoring my inner poseur. Join in on the chorus, okay?

1 comment:

Jim G-M said...

If we see you singing in your car, will the car now have a dancing bear sticker or a "Steal your Face" decal?