Thursday, September 10, 2009

Change of many transitions.

Okay. I had a great summer. But I am so ready for fall. It's time. It's too chilly to hang out at the pool (which really was the very best part of summer...did I mention that I finally braved diving off the high dive late this summer? That makes you feel kind of invincible. Until the next morning, when you just feel kind of sore.) The air conditioning is off and fresh air flows through the house again.

The band had a great long weekend retreat, many thanks to Kelly's parents. We had families and a few special friends along. It was the perfect end to summer. And we got to listen to hours of practice on all the new material, which was really cool. Any time band and family can be combined, I think it's a win.

Two kids are finally at school...
Paul is in third grade. His teacher has a reputation (well-deserved, it seems) for being a tough, no-nonsense educator of the old school. Paul adores her. Last night, we had back-to-school night, and I know that he's going to be fine. My favorite quote of the night: "Do not stress -- this is gonna get heavy." That's his teacher. She's talking about the year ahead. I have full confidence in her. I'm excited. And so is Paul, which is the important thing, after all.
Maggie has started her final year of preschool. She's an old pro at the routine. I think her first day sort of exhausted her, though. Thank goodness for daddy-daughter shopping trips. And dance parties. Maggie is chomping at the bit to get to kindergarten now!, now!!, now!!! Me? I'm trying to remember to savor these last few days of little girl time. I know there aren't that many left and I want to soak them up.

Charles turns 40 today. I think every decade gets better for him. It's my biggest hope that things always go in that direction. We should all be so lucky.

And yes, he did buy the Beatles reissues for himself for his birthday. Did you really expect anything less? If you see him, make sure to wish him a happy birthday. He'll like that.
There are a few of these beauties left in the garden, but the seasonal transition has begun. And I'm looking forward to new things this fall. I can't wait to tell you all about them...

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