Friday, October 9, 2009


This was actually a horror story from a few weeks ago...

I got a call from The Boy's school on a Tuesday afternoon. I was told that P. had a playground accident and that I needed to get over there right away. I do not think any parent could be prepared for the bloody, crying mess of a little boy that I found in the school office. (By the way, thanks again to the wonderful ladies in the office -- you really helped and we are grateful.)

P. had a chin-to-head run-in with a classsmate. His top front teeth went all the way through his bottom lip. That was proven to me when the trauma tech at Children's Hospital opened the wound all the way with scissors -- I could see inside from the outside -- to clean and thoroughly numb it. Then there were 10 stitches (three outside, seven inside).

When there's that much blood, they don't make you wait in the ER very long. In fact, there was so much blood on his shirt that I couldn't possibly get it all out. I also forgot to mention that M. was in the thick of things the whole time, her nose right up on the table in the emergency room and those big brown eyes taking it all in. Both P&M had a couple of nights' worth of nightmares.

The stitches dissolved last week. This is the scar that remains. I don't know why, but I thought it would be a nice, neat straight little scar. What was I thinking? I saw the original wound.

How does your stomach feel now? How's that grip?

Happy Halloween.

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Brave Astronaut said...

I am totally envisioning it evolving into the Harrison Ford / Indiana Jones scar.

Tell him that, he might want a new costume for Halloween. Now where is that bullwhip?

ScottE. said...

His first stitches? I've had accidents, but it took me two to get to 10 stitches...ouch!