Friday, April 2, 2010

Cherry blossoms

Day 2 of spring break was a trip down to the (insanely) crowded Mall to see the cherry blossoms...

I don't remember so many people in years past, and I admit to feeling a liitle proprietary (local vs. tourist, silly really.) Could be the amazing weather and Good Friday. Anyhow, the Cherry Blossom Festival is in full...ummm...bloom (ugh).

There were bands. Paul and Maggie drew in their journals (me too) and we hung out behind the Lincoln Memorial for a bit before walking a long, long, long way to meet Charles at the 17th & Penn McDonald's, aka the Bill Clinton MickeyD. I understand the appeal of proximity (across the street from the White House) but gee, that's a bad franchise. Unfortunately, it's the only way I could bribe the kids to keep walking and I was desperate.

We tortured the kids with more walking and a metro ride home before the final payout: root beer floats.

Honestly, we all deserved that. And probably some hard liquor and a massage.

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