Thursday, August 14, 2014

Road trips and reunions and renewal.

Midwestern Rust
That's what I've been doing. Kids go back to school in just over a week and I'm looking forward to moving back into plate work -- I don't like to have kids around when I'm spray painting, sanding, etc. because they might like to be adults with fewer neurological issues some day. I have all sorts of things cut out...

 They're coming back :)
I've done some regular stuff, too.
We had a great road trip to the Midwest for a family reunion -- mostly smaller roads. I have a fantasy about opening a small restaurant locally that would only do midwestern foods. Name it Dubuque or Duluth? I have a rich inner life, I suppose...
Anyhow, Autumn is coming soon (not soon enough for me, maybe too soon for you)... I'm ready to get back to work!

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