Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's on your iPod?

If you are in shuffle mode, what are the first twenty songs that come up on your iPod? And no skipping past the embarrassing stuff. (My comments aren't necessarily about the song that comes up, so don't email me to inform me that I'm referencing the wrong album/period/whatever. I already know that you're very smart. And stop pushing your glasses up on the bridge of your nose that way.)

* The Specials, Rat Race: In high school I loved LOVED The Specials, then Fun Boy Three. It was really Terry Hall.
* The Beatles, Your Mother Should Know: C'mon. If you know me, you know that the Beatles have like a 98% chance of appearing in random shuffle (even with 4,465 songs currently loaded.)
* The Roots, Sacrifice: Charles gave me this album when it came out. I really want to listen to it, but most of it isn't exactly appropriate for the seven and under set, so I usually have to fast forward.
* Bob Dylan, Can't Wait: Okay, I admit it. I really didn't "get" Dylan until a few years ago. Then I was driving alone one day and his lyrics just smacked me in the brain. I had to pull over, close my eyes and listen to the whole song. Twice.
* Cheap Trick, If You Want My Love: Charles has wooed me more than once by singing Cheap Trick songs. Also, even though they're old (well, older than me) they're still cool and they still rock.
* The Beatles, Revolution: See above.
* Elvis Costello, So Like Candy: High school. I really should go back and thank my friends' older siblings for turning me on to some cool stuff.
* The Police, Demolition Man: You know what I hate? Sting. But man, can that guy sing.
* Outkast, My Favorite Things: Paul & Maggie know more Outkast songs than they probably should. This, however, makes me think of Paul McCartney singing Till There Was You. I bet he got lots of girls on that one.
* The Talking Heads, The Overload: "Stop Making Sense". Best movie date. Ever.
* Gary Numan, Cars: God, I hate iTunes. It allows you to buy old crap you shouldn't have enjoyed so much in the first place. This was Paul's favorite song for a time (it's currently Nowhere Man).
* Billy Bragg & Wilco, Another Man's Done Gone: Frankly, I'm surprised that this is Wilco's first entry on this shuffle. For the amount that I actually listen to Wilco, they should be about every other song here.
* David Bowie, Please Mr. Gravedigger: I'm a great fan of Bowie's later work. He just keeps getting better and better.
* Paul Simon, Kodachrome: Gets stuck in my head for days.
* Sonic Youth, JC: Thurston Moore.
* The Cure, Lullaby: They were -- for a time -- my favorite band. Now it feels like reading the diary of a fourteen-year old.
* U2, All Because of You: I dunno. I hate to admit it, but I'm pretty lukewarm on U2.
* Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nobody Weird Like Me: "Mother's Milk"-era Peppers remind me of moving back to San Francisco when I was 21.
* Violent Femmes, Confessions: Charles and I have very different views of the Femmes, in that I love them. He does not.
* Led Zeppelin, Heartbreaker: For some reason, the string dudes at the conservatory really, really loved Led Zeppelin. Watching cellists and violists try to be cool is funny.
* The Replacements, Nightclub Jitters: Another thank you to the big brothers and sisters in high school.
* Psychedelic Furs, Sister Europe: I love Richard Butler's voice.

(Okay that was 22. The next thing that popped up was Siouxsee & the Banshees, Hong Kong Garden.)

So...what's on your iPod?


tinyliz said...

1. One Note Samba-Surfboard: Stereolab & Herbie Mann...Stereolab is coming to 9:30 Club Sept. 30
2.I Got Stung: Elvis Presley...I'm married to Pat, need I say more
3. Tear In Your Hand: Tori Amos...I really loved Tori Amos at one point, now I'm not so sure
4. Gloria: U2...reminds me of high school
5. Lay Your Hands On Me:Thompson Twin...ugh, iTunes
6. Yeat's Grave: The Cranberries...I'm not sure I've ever heard this song
7. Hand In Glove: The Smiths...I was just listening to The Smiths today
8.Rip This Joint: The Rolling Stones...good album
9.Trav'lin Light: Ella Fitzgerald...nice
10. Koka Kola: The Clash
11. Aluminum: The White Stripes...Pat and I saw them in concert, they rocked
12. 100%: Sonic Youth...reminds me of New Orleans
13. The Gates of Paradise: David Byrne...he went to RISD, you know
14. Calling It Quits: Aimee Mann
15. Speedy Marie: Frank Black...Pat again
16. Syringe Mouth: Mercury Rev...I like them but this song not so much
17.I Want You, I Need You, I Love You: Elvis Presley...ok ok, I get it
18. Relaxing With Lee: Charlie Parker...I love this
19. Time Is On My Side: The Rolling Stones...I think we must have every Rolling Stones album (except for the crappy late ones)
20. Summertime: Sam Cooke...seems appropriate

Patrick said...

1. Sax and Violins: Talking Heads...this came off the movie ‘until the end of the world’ which was really good, right up to the point when it was just too damn long.
2. The New Pollution: Beck...I must have played this album a million times when it came out. I remember calling people up to tell them about it.
3. Company in my Back: Wilco...Not one of my favorite Wilco’s, but good to see them show up...
4. 7/4 Shoreline: Broken Social Scene...I have way too much canadian music from the last few years
5. Tangerine: Led Zeppelin...Cheesy Zep courtesy of Liz, who has all the zeppelin in the world.
6. One is the loneliest Number: Amiee Mann...she puts on a really good show
7. Mary: The White Stripes...I love the White Stripes, perhaps excessively.
8. Crackity Jones: The Pixies...but nothing compares to how much I love the Pixies. I love the fucking Pixies!
9. Love Hurts: Kim Deal & Robert Pollard from GBV...even to the point, apparently, of having Kim Deal’s cover version of this...
10. Run On: Moby... I liked this album more at one point, but still like this song pretty well
11. Whatchamacallit: Esquivel...Space Age Bachelor Pad Music!
12.Bottle Up and Explode: Elliott Smith...I’m listening to this more as time goes on
13. Red Hill Mining Town: U2...Liz and I both went to see this concert (Joshua Tree) in Lexington, KY, before we’d ever met. this is a forgettable song, however.
14. Chan Chan: Buena Vista Social Club...this was good at the time, then it was just at starbucks
15. You like me too much: The Beatles...The beatles at last!
16. Jackals, False Grails: Pavement...I have lots of Pavement, maybe too much.
17. Tweedle Dee: Elvis Presley... I also have all of Elvis’ 50’s songs
18. That’s why I’m crying: Koko Taylor...the blues is number 1.
19. Winner’s Blues: Sonic Youth...this whole thing has made it seem as if Liz and I listen to much more Sonic Youth than we do...
20. You’re the top: Ella Fitzgerald...This is one of the great vocal performances of the 20th century. Luckily, Cole Porter was convinced that the verse ‘you’re the top, you’re a Mussolini’ was ill-advised...

Charles said...

OK, let's see here what comes up on my iPod..

1.Alabama Getaway
2.Promised Land
3.Friend of the Devil
4.Me & My Uncle
5.Big River
6.Tennessee Jed
7.Weather Rep--

Oh wait, that's an '81 dead show. Forgot what I was doing there for a second.

morgan said...

Just today:

1. Dinsaur Jr -- Blowing It
2. Siouxsie and the Banshees -- Hong Kong Garden
3. Blur -- Girls & Boys
4. Nada Surf -- Do It Again
5. The Cure -- The End of the World
6. John Lennon -- Imagine
7. The Apples in Stereo -- Please
8. Arctic Monkeys -- Fake Tales of San Francisco
9.Green Day -- Boulevard of Broken Dreams
10. Ok Go -- Invincible
11. Green Day -- American Idiot
12. Pixies -- Bird Dream of the Olumpus Mons
13. Pixies -- Gouge Away
14. The Ramones -- Sheena Is a Punk Rocker
15. Stevie Wonder -- Superstition
16. Bitter:Sweet -- Dirty Laundry
17. New Young Pony Club -- Ice Cream
18. Graham Coxon -- Don't Be a Stranger
19. Art Brut -- Bang Bang Rock & Roll
20. Blake Babies -- Gimme Some Mirth

Some new, some old -- for me that is; only two seem to be anything approaching an "oldie." Putting it in writing, the mixture surprised me.

ScottE. said...

I love this game-reminds me of some great music I don't listen to very often. And some I should just listen to by myself...

1. Stones in the Road-Mary Chapin Carpenter (Party Doll & Other Favorites) Great album, fun and mellow. Some good sing along songs.
2. Because of You-Reba McEntire w/Kelly Clarkson (Reba Duets) Country-fied version of Ms. Clarkson’s hit.
3. Will I?-(RENT Original Broadway Cast Recording) Short song from a great show, makes me a little sad.
4. Born to Run-Bruce Springsteen (Chimes of Freedom) ‘Nuff said.
5. Hagda Wala Akter-Souad Massi (Mesk Elil) Algerian born, French living folk singer. Beautiful voice. Don’t understand a word of the lyrics, but the phrasing and way she sings is chilling.
6. Bad Day-Daniel Powter. M’eh. Whatever.
7. Sugar Daddy (Hedwig and The Angry Inch Soundtrack Recording) Wonderfully quirky musical about a transsexual who had a botched sex change operation.
8. This Life-Brent Laurence (Afterdark: Milan) Dance, lounge music
9. Ces Soirees-la (JERSEY BOYS Original Cast Recording) Opening number of musical-French version of OH WHAT A NIGHT
10. You and Me (BOY FROM OZ Original Cast Recording) Musical about performer, lyricists Peter Allen, performed by Hugh Jackman, yes, Wolverine! Not a great song, not a great musical, but some good numbers otherwise.
11. Flashdance-Irene Cara (Pure Disco 2) What a feeling!
12. Rock Me Baby-Tina Turner (What’s Love Got To Do With It) Deep sexy groove from the Queen of Rock and Roll
13. Summertime-Sarah Vaughan. One of the great ladies of the American Songbook. Listening to Ms. Vaughan makes me want to cry…and that’s a good thing!
14. Beethoven’s Op. 18. Classical musical can fit just about any occasion.
15. Cryin’-Aerosmith (Get a Grip) I love this band. They rock. Raunchy lyrics-not necessarily this song. The poor man’s Stones
16. Somebody Told Me-The Killers (Hot Fuss) I really like their second album. This one, not as much.
17. Let’s Begin-Ella Fitzgerald. Ella is one of the people I’d love to have for dinner. You know that eternal question, which 3 people, living or dead would you want to have for dinner. Ella, Janis Joplin and Patsy Cline
18. Holy Water-The Gossip (Standing in the Way of Control) I love this album. This is the one song I don’t totally love. The Gossip. Heavy punk influence.
19. Helpless-k.d. lang (Hymns of the 49th Parallel) This is a cover. I believe Neil Young had the original version. k.d. does a great job with it with a voice full of soul & ache.
20. Walk Away-Kelly Clarkson (Breakaway) America’s first American Idol. Not a fan of the show, but enjoy select Kelly songs.

Now, the top five most played artists on the iPod (who didn’t come up through the random):
Green Day
Dolly Parton
Melissa Etheridge
Scissor Sisters

pricklygirl said...

Scott: My dad used to listen to Peter Allen albums in the '70s! I loved Peter Allen!