Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Dark chocolate birds' nests with chow mein noodles and coconut (and jelly beans!)

Happy accident: I was melting chocolate at the same time that I was boiling eggs (I know, I know -- courting disaster! That's how I live, babies. On the edge.) Well, I accidentally dropped several chocolate chips into the boiling water. Obviously the chips were not coming out (though I did try to fish them out -- even dropping a few watery, melty chips into the melting chocolate -- I'm still amazed that it didn't seize.) The outcome? These boring little white eggs were dyed a beautiful, delicate brown. It seems like a giant shame not to leave them this way, but I think that Paul & Maggie aren't going to go for the non-garish version of Easter eggs...
We have enough candy in this house to choke several good-sized horses. I am the only person who knows where the goods are hidden. I have demonstrated remarkable self-control this week, and should probably be rewarded with Cadbury's creme eggs. Now.

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