Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...and yet

Okay. Here's my painful admission: I have not done ANY Christmas shopping yet. Since my gift projects have all been failures, I need to get cracking. Sigh. I could really do with an extra week before the holidays kick in. So what's been keeping me so busy? Well, there's the tea. And the plates. And this person has to be here and needs this and that person needs to be there and needs that...and...and...and...just a lot of stuff. Oh, and I put a giant hole in the sink, which means we need to replace the whole thing. Because there's so much time for home repairs right now.

My latest idea? Mini Buche de Noel cakes. Yeah. When am I gonna find time to do that? Crazy thoughts.

Oh, who am I kidding? You know I'm going to make them. I can't help myself. I may even work on the mini meringue mushrooms today. Because, you know. I have so much time.

Late update, because Jeffe asked...
I put a hole approximately 6" wide by 4" deep in the basin of our upstairs bathroom sink the other night. I was trying to salvage a glass votive on which I'd previously made a decoupage disaster (truly hideous). After soaking the piece for a few hours in the sink, I was scraping the old paint, paper and glue with my hands. Needless to say, it was slippery. It wasn't that far above the sink, but hit JUST RIGHT. The thing shattered (yes, in the water -- when I have accidents I like to go whole hog). Luckily -- and unlike countless other times -- I didn't require stitches. In fact, there was no bleeding at all. And, naturally, this all happened about 45 minutes before Charles got home, so I had ample opportunity to work up full remorse. To Charles' credit, he didn't blink. It was more of a "well, we've wanted to replace it anyhow" thing. He's a super guy.

I'd post a photo, but Apple has decided that I need to update my iPhone RIGHT NOW. I will when I get a change.

Also, to all my friends on facebook who doubt my DIY prowess... pffft. I mean, you're right and all, but still. Perhaps you remember my superglue and glasses incident? Is that it?

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Jeffe Kennedy said...

okay, I have to know: you put a hole in the sink???