Friday, December 4, 2009

It might snow tomorrow!

We're ready for a bit of snow -- doesn't quite feel like December to this midwesterner without a serious chill in the air, some ice and snow. I think there may be wintry precipatation running through my veins, owing to my Minnesotta roots (and late November birthdate). And Irish-Norwegian background. I am made for the cold.

So after hearing the weather reports this morning, I knew it was time to prepare the backyard for winter. That includes pulling the remaining tomato, pepper and basil plants (already blackened by a freeze), putting away the wagon, balls and frisbees, storing the coolers, chairs, lanterns and grill, and taking down the hammock. That last one was the bummer -- the hammock is the apothesis of warm, lazy days to me. Also, this spider is now homeless...

The snow shovel is out. The sled is clean. We're ready. Come on, winter. Show us what you've got.

(PS...If you need any rosemary, sage, or flat leaf parsely, knock on our door. We still have a lot growing!)

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