Sunday, March 13, 2011

We live in a golden age.

The cat doesn't actually have anything to do with this post, but she's been staring me down, so...

On Friday, we visited the Apple store in Annapolis and came away with two shiny new iPads (1st generation...did you see the lines of people waiting for the new ones?!) I have to admit that, even as we were leaving the store, I wasn't totally sure why we needed yet more equipment. But I am oh so glad we did. I love love love my iPhone (and it seems to be attached to me at all times), but the iPad is really all about engaging with information visually in a way that the small-screened iPhone just can't. Don't get me wrong: I'll definitely use my iPhone for all sorts of things (especially the camera -- I can't imagine effectively using a camera on the iPad) -- but I feel like a new way of seeing the world has been unlocked. I've definitely drunk the kool-aid.

I can't wait lot see what they come up with next.

- from my iPad

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