Monday, May 16, 2011

Cheverly Day. Amazing Place. Amazing Community. Amazing Day.

Definitely an Only in Cheverly kind of weekend...

We had a great time at ChvProm (that's our table!), though I have come to the conclusion -- perhaps a little late -- that I am old and full of bad decisions. My apologies to anyone who heard us singing Guns & Roses songs at 2am. That was champagne-fueled, as so many questionable ideas are. Come to think of it, I think we made plans to form a lounge act...I'm going to have to learn some Journey songs...and learn to do a beehive again, because I was definitely channeling early '80s-era Tama Janowitz with the 'do and the clothes.

Cheverly Day itself was a blast -- from the great parade in the morning to the rain-soaked fireworks at night. I've posted a lot of pictures -- a lot of pictures -- on flickr.

(These two photos are from the lovely Katie Troyner, who is full of awesome.)

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