Thursday, May 26, 2011

I had fun at Handmade Mart! Now I'm a slug. With Cable.

I'm still sort of recovering from the flurry of activity of the past month. This past weekend was, in my head, the final big push of the spring -- the opening of Cheverly Community Market on Saturday, and Handmade Mart on Sunday. After all the excitement, I gave myself Monday to regroup (and sleep.) Now it's Thursday, and I still haven't done a whole lot this week (though I have caught up on all sorts of shows and movies, thanks to the cable teevee to which I finally gave in). I keep telling myself that this is much-needed rest. That summer is coming and I'll have wall-to-wall kids. That I deserve a break. The truth? It's hot. I'm tired. And needing a teeny little creative break. Ideas are just starting to flow again, so I'm thinking it's not all bad... Now, back to some cake show. There are a lot of them. They're hard to turn off.

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