Friday, February 20, 2009

Exciting news!

If you've become bored while reading these posts (completely understandable) and your eyes have wandered over to the right of the page, you've noticed that I've spent the month of February doing thing-a-day 2009, wherein you create something new every day. I had a list of projects I wanted to work on before the month started: knitting (lots), sewing (some), embroidery (nope), quilting (nope), painting (a bit), silkscreening (not so far), metal work (not so far) and decoupage under glass. Well, this week has been pretty much devoted to decoupage under glass, and I've had really positive feedback. Positive enough that I've decided to start selling my work -- a big step for someone with a hefty lack of self-confidence. I hope to show at local craft festivals (Crafty Bastards, Richmond Craft Mafia, Charm City Craft Mafia) as well as opening a shop on etsy. Etsy is a really cool website that allows artists to show (and, hopefully, sell) their handmade wares to a wide audience. Starting Monday, you can visit my etsy shop to see what I've been working on. Take a look at other artists, too -- there's a lot of great handmade stuff out there!

The other exciting thing that's been happening in pricklygirl land is that Andrews&Dunham Damn Fine Tea is fully up and running. The first series -- Nepal, Dragonwell and Ceylon -- are doing very well, and I'm going to the post office to ship new orders every day.

Okay, enough advertising. Just thought you might like to know what's up.


Ellen said...

This is so exciting! I am a huge Etsy fan. Can't wait to see your stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Do it!!! I did TAD for the first time last year and went from never being creative because I was so insecure to starting my own jewelry business. I have an Etsy shop as well - although I don't keep it very well stocked :(

Good luck!