Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Paul Show.

Do you know how impossible eight-year old boys can be? If you answered "impossibly", you are either a parent or an eight- year old boy. If you're the latter, you should visit Paul's blog ( instead... I think you'll be more entertained.

Anyway, now that it's just us grownups... I have had a very difficult time with the boy of late. By "of late", I mean "pretty much this entire year". We butt heads constantly. I can understand why families consider military school. And I feel guilty -- Maggie is especially funny and sweet lately, and since she has less required of her, she requires less patience. Paul, on the other hand, is constantly pushing.

But when the boy comes home from school, carefully puts away his uniform, dons the Darth Vader gear and invites his sister to watch "Alladin", something is up and patience is required. He's done this (gone into costume when he's troubled) since he was little...which reminds me that he still is, after all, really just a little kid. Still closer to preschool and naps than high school. Still vulnerable. Still in great need of patience. Even when he's driving me crazy.

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