Friday, May 22, 2009

Ten things about root canals

1. Procrastination is the wrong plan. When your regular dentist tells you in October that you need a root canal, waiting until the end of May is not an adult way of handling things.
2. Eating 250 acetomenaphin in only three weeks is a bad idea...for all sorts of reasons.
3. The dentist should never make you wait in the chair with the little bib on and nothing to do for over an hour. Nothing to do, that is, but listening to the sound of drilling in the room 10' away and wondering why NO ONE ever comes out of there.
4. More novocaine is better than less. Yes, thank you. I WILL take two rounds. Lovely.
5. Dental dams make really funny noises...but the dentist doesn't think so.
6. It feels like a really invasive filling. But the next day -- after the novocaine wears off -- it feels like SOMEONE HAS TAKEN A HAMMER TO MY MOUTH.
7. More novocaine wearing off all at once is very unpleasant.
8. No. You cannot eat a quesadilla, no matter how yummy it looks. You can barely get a spoon in there right now. Forget it.
9. Pain management. (This should count for, like, three things. Also, finding previously frozen cranberries in your bed is kind of gross.)
10. It IS possible to get sick of pudding. I never would have seen that coming.

In other news, Maggie is totally ready for the pool to open tomorrow.

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