Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh me? I've been pretty busy.

If you've ever noticed the Etsy badge on the right, you've probably noticed some new things...things that don't really seem like they belong in a shop full of skeletons and bodies and the like. What can I say? As far as craft goes, I'm multipolar. Is that a word? It is now...

Never fear, I have quite a few new skeletal plates in the works, as well as some truly strange stuff that I'm very excited about. I just need to stretch out a bit.

(This one isn't up yet -- just finished it this morning. Monday, I promise.)

I'm going to bake another loaf of bread now, make a lovely bevvie (cappucino, it's still pretty early) and start planning my projects for this year's Thing-A-Day, which starts in just a few weeks. Oh, and add paint layers to three plates, getgoung on another hat and generally run in a thousand directions. All at once. Can't help it sometimes.

(I'm going to be needing this.)

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