Saturday, March 13, 2010

crafty girl

Remember how I kept having craftastrophes last fall? Nothing was working and I still don't know why. Well. Things seem to be on the right track (or I've unconsciously done some karmic balancing or something.)

I started this project during Thing-a-Day. Like most knitters, I have a stash of "seemed like a good idea when I bought it but what to do with it" yarn. I think this varegated yarn was initially meant to be a dress for Maggie.

(Those are Tabitha's paws at the top.) I finished knitting yesterday -- by finished I mean I ran out of yarn (there was no pattern, just a general idea about creating something like the fantastic SuperMaggie felted scarves). Knitted -- not felted -- it measured about 4 1/2'.

Post-felting (this was two hot washes and a trip through the dryer), it's about 3' and has a really cool ruffle on the edges (bonus accident!) It's almost exactly what I pictured, though I'd like it a little wider and a teeny bit longer.

I have a varegated olive wool -- lots and lots of it -- I'm excited to experiment more with this!

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