Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's official: spring break is here.

You can tell by all the papers and projects littering our front door (a big old pile right as you walk in). Having already enjoyed his celebratory Spring Break Slurpee, I think Paul plans to stay inside... something about "Halo Camp", which I'm certain has nothing to do with God. And Maggie has decided to circumvent (or maybe it was help) the Easter bunny by preemptively hiding the candy she got at her school party today. Luckily, I already found the hard-boiled egg. Under the cat's cushion. By the heating vent. I'm sure someone -- or something -- else would have found that treasure eventually...

However, I'm putting my foot down. It is just too damned nice outside. We're off...I dunno where.

Ps. The Wilco show at the Strathmore last night was the best concert I've ever attended.
Pps. Including Jessye Norman.
Ppss. And Elly Ameling.
Pppss. And Thomas Hampson.
Pppsss. And the Stones Halloween night at Oakland Coliseum.
Ppppsss. And the Cure and Siouxsee and the Banshees on Halloween Night at The Rainbow Room in Denver.
Ppppssss. Seriously. Amazing show. Over three hours, including an unbelievable acoustic set.
Pppppssss. I'm not being weird.
Pppppsssss. I just wanted to balance the Ps and Ss out in the end. Unbalanced would have been weird.

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