Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is it too soon to start wishing for fresh produce?

The Cheverly Community Market begins the new season on May 24. Looking out on a cold, dreary day, May 24 seems like an eternity. In fact, the entire idea that May is on the horizon seems to be quite a reach.

We also belong to a great CSA farm, and I really look forward to my weekly trip to the farm, and to learning about all sorts of produce that I'd never bothered with before (I made lots of swiss chard last summer, and it was fantastic.) Last year, Paul learned (from wise old Uncle Erik) that the beautiful brown cows standing in the fields were really only walking hamburgers. Far from being frightened by that idea, Paul embraced it. Every week we'd go get our share, and every week, Paul would proclaim something (loudly) about walking hamburgers. I think he may have offended the sensibilities of some of the groovier farm patrons, but he's right. It turns out that you can buy a share of a cow (or possibly the whole thing) and have at it. I know people who do it, and I can attest to the excellent beef. Still, walking hamburgers...

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