Saturday, March 15, 2008

Too busy to write. Or do much of anything.

Madly trying to get the house clean because we have a new sitter coming to take care of things one and two tonight. Honestly, I clean almost as much for a babysitter as I do for visits by my MIL. That's a problem.

On a different note: The iPhone causes increased insomnia. I don't have strictly scientific proof of this, but I am spending alot of late nights/early mornings refreshing Daily Kos, Media Matters and Wilco Base. Another problem.

Third problem: Spring Break begins on Wednesday at 12:25pm, which means a lot of "quality" time spent keeping the boy away from the xBox. On the bright side, he's very imaginiative, and it's pretty fun to have him around at breakfast, especially when he dresses as a pirate...

In summary, problem, problem, problem.

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