Monday, May 5, 2008

Phew. What a weekend.

You know those weeks when Monday comes and you're glad? This is one of those weeks. Not that the weekend wasn't a lot of fun. It was. Perhaps too much fun, as the boy started the day by having a total, utter, complete meltdown in the parking lot in front of his school. His last words to me this morning: "I can't make myself have a good day, mom! You have to give me a good day or else I'm going to have a terrible day today and it will be all your fault." I think he was a teeny bit overstimulated as a result of TMA (too many activities) between Friday afternoon and Monday morning:
*Unscheduled (but happy) playdate with two of his best friends, during which he asked the lovely nine-year old english girl to be his girlfriend and was unceremoniously shot down.
* Trip to Burger King for dinner. Not because he likes the food, but because Iron Man toys are included in kids' meals right now.
* Date with mom at the grocery store (I am nothing if not exciting), got to choose donuts for himself and la Mag.
* Truck Touch for Cheverly Weekday Nursery and Mother's Day Out, which meant four (!) hours of racing around and honking horns interspersed with hot dogs, sugar and watching his dad and Kelly perform, all while trying to be on relatively good behavior because every teacher he's ever had made an appearance in the parking lot.
* Dinner in DC with Grandma. Got to eat tortillas and ice cream. And lemonade.
* Early morning date with mom, including Starbucks (though I have been informed that he doesn't really like coffee) for chocoalte milk and a donut, and a trip to Target for clothes (because all of his clothes are either too small or full of holes), a Speed Racer toy and a new toothbrush (to combat the past two days)
* Haircut (see above -- he needed it) and shower
* Man time. A viewing of Iron Man with dad, Erik and Tom. I assume there were snacks.
* Lawn care time with dad. Paul actually got to use the push mower.
* Dinner (tried to hide and play xBox instead, but we're on to that one.)
* Shower under duress, because he managed to get filthy in the few hours after the last shower.
So, somehow, this morning everything fell apart. I felt sort of sorry for him, but really. He had to go.
I hope he's having a good day.

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Charles said...

Can't believe getting to go see Iron Man is just one item in a bulleted list. That ought to be worthy of a post of its own. And yes, there were snacks.