Monday, May 19, 2008

Why does Chicago get all the good stuff?

Overturned Oreos trucks...

Now, a quick glance at Wilco's website shows that the band may in fact be in Chicago right now (no shows). I can imagine Mr. Tweedy hearing the news on the radio in the morning (he has school-age kids, so I assume his wife gets them ready for school in the morning and may use a clock radio alarm in the morning. I assume a lot here, but bear with me.) Now, Mr. Tweedy is enjoying his comfy bed (after a few weeks on thew road) and the knowledge that he can sleep until whenever he wants. But wait... what was that? "'Fourteen tons of Oreos on 80? Double Stuffs all over the highway?!' Get up kids! Daddy's taking you to school today and we're making a pit stop! You don't need breakfast! Bring milk! Hurrryyyy!!!!!!!" Mrs. Tweedy thinks he's being selfless (although she probably knows better but keeps it to herself) and the kids think (again) coolest dad ever.

Yeah, it happened 50 miles away from Chicago proper, but I have a good imagination. But you already knew that.

Oh, I forgot. Chicago also has Ira Glass and This American Life.
And Cheap Trick, I think.

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Dan said...

It probably filled up some potholes quite nicely.