Friday, May 9, 2008

Worlds colliding. Ack.

We are going to see the first show of The Cure's 2008 U.S. tour tonight. The Cure was my favorite -- FAVORITE -- band through high school and into undergrad. That was a long time ago. A. Long. Time. Ago.
Now I am a 40+ suburban mom (see photo, above right). And we're going with other 40+ (or nearly so) suburban parent friends, at least one of whom counts the Cure as their favorite band (I think that may be of all time, but I'm not entirely clear on this). Oh, and it's "we're" not "I'm" (meaning one of the Mr. CHVBlogs will also attend). So. Worlds colliding.
I keep looking at my computer screen and imagining that Mr. Tweedy is seriously reevaluating our relationship...

I'm sorry. Okay? I have a feeling that you probably have some bands in your past, too...
I won't be offering a meal of their choice to The Cure. I'll say that right now.

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